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Admin Appeals & High/Federal Court Practice 
Connect to Database  Connect to Admin Appeals & High/Federal Court Practice

What's Available: 
Australian High Court and Federal Court Practice 
Administrative Appeals Tribunal 
Administrative Appeals Tribunal Legislation 

Aust & NZ Equal Opportunity Law Library 
Connect to Database  Australian & NZ Equal Opportunity Law Library

What's Available: 
Federal Equal Opportunity Legislation 
State Equal Opportunity Legislation 
NZ Equal Opportunity Legislation 
Australian & NZ Equal Opportunity Commentary 
Equal Opportunity Cases 

Australian & NZ Insurance Law 
Connect to Database  Australian & NZ Insurance Law

What's Available: 
Insurance Commentary 
Insurance Cases 
Insurance Legislation 
Insurance Releases 
Life Insurance Commentary 
Life Insurance Cases 
Life Insurance Legislation 
Life Insurance Releases 

Australian Contract Law 
Connect to Database  Australian Contract Law

What's Available: 
Contract Law Commentary 
Contract Law Legislation 
Contract Law Cases 

Australian Master Tax Guides
Connect to Database  Australian Master Tax Guide (Current)

Connect to Database  Australian Master Tax Guides (Archived)   
What's Available: 
2001+ Australian Master Tax Guide 
Converter - 1997 v 1936 Act 

Conveyancing Law Library 
Connect to Database  Conveyancing Law Library  

What's Available: 
NSW Conveyancing Law Commentary 
NSW Conveyancing Legislation 
NSW Conveyancing Law Cases 
Vic Conveyancing Law Commentary 
Vic Conveyancing Legislation 
Vic Conveyancing Law Cases 
Qld Conveyancing Law Commentary 
Qld Conveyancing Legislation 
Qld Conveyancing Law Cases 

Corporations Law 
Connect to Database  Corporations Law  

What's Available: 
CCH Australian Corporations Commentary 
CCH Australian Corporations Legislation 
CCH Corporations Act Forms 
CCH ASIC Releases 
CCH Corporations Court Rules 
CCH Australian Company Law Cases 
CCH Australian Corporate News 

Employment Law Guide 
Connect to Database  Employment Law Guide  

What's Available: 
Australian Employment Law Guide 

Family Law Library 
Connect to Database  Family Law Library 

What's Available: 
Family Law and Practice Commentary 
Family Law and Practice Legislation 
Family Law Cases 
Family Law Court Handbook Commentary 
Family Law Court Handbook Legislation 
Child Support Commentary 
Child Support Legislation 
Child Support Cases 
De Facto Relationships Commentary 
De Facto Relationships Legislation 
De Facto Relationship Cases 
Federal Magistrates Court Practice Commentary 
Federal Magistrates Court Practice Legislation 

Human Resources Management 
Connect to Database  Human Resources Management  

What's Available: 
CCH Human Resources Management 

Income Tax Guide 
Connect to Database  Income Tax Guide  

What's Available: 
Federal Tax Legislation 
Australian Tax Office Rulings 
Legislation Conversion Tables 

Industrial & Intellectual Property Law 
Connect to Database  Industrial & Intellectual Property Law  

What's Available: 
IP Commentary 
IP Legislation 
IP Cases 
IP News 

Industrial Law Library 
Connect to Database  Industrial Law Library

What's Available: 
Australian Labour Law Reporter 
Australian Employment Legislation 
Australian Industrial Law Reports 
Research Manual of Industrial Law 
Australian Industrial Law News 

OH&S Library 
Connect to Database  OH&S Library

What's Available: 
OHS Commentary and Cases 
OHS Legislation 
Managing Occupational Health and Safety 

Tax Library 
Connect to Database  Tax Library

What's Available: 
Commentary - ITAA 1997 
Legislation Conversion Tables 
Commentary - ITAA 1936 & Others 
Federal Tax Legislation 
Australian Income Tax Bills 
Australian Tax Office Rulings 
Australian Tax Cases 
International Tax Agreements Commentary 
CCH Tax Week 
Australian Master Tax Guide

Tax Week Archive 
Connect to Database  Tax Week Archive

What's Available: 
Tax Week Annual Archives 

Torts Law Library 
Connect to Database  Torts Law Library  

What's Available: 
Torts Commentary 
Torts Legislation 
Australian Torts Cases 
Medical Issues 

Trade Practices & Consumer Law Library 
Connect to Database  Trade Practice & Consumer Law Library  

What's Available: 
Trade Practices Commentary 
Trade Practices Legislation 
Trade Practices Cases 
Trade Practices Compliance 
Sales and Fair Trading Law Commentary 
Sales and Fair Trading Legislation 
Sales and Fair Trading Law Cases 
Consumer Credit Law Commentary 
Consumer Credit Law Legislation 
Consumer Credit Law Cases 
Consumer Sales and Credit Law Cases 

Workers Compensation Library 
Connect to Database  Workers Compensation Library  

What's Available: 
Australian Workers Compensation Commentary
Australian Workers Compensation Legislation 
Australian Workers Compensation Review 

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